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Tahoma Associates

Our standard office hours are Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM.  Please check our calendar for holidays and other closure days.

Main Phone: (253) 627-7980
Toll Free (800) 392-4232

Email us: admin@tahomaassociates.org

Visit our main office in downtown Tacoma located at 1545 Tacoma Avenue South, Tacoma, WA 98402

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Live, Work, Play
"We are an altruistic corporation whose purpose is to support our Associates, individuals challenged by intellectual and other developmental disabilities, to live, work, play and contribute in our community."

Scott Rapp, Executive Director
Tahoma Associates

Benefit to Employers
Companies have reported that their employees with developmental disabilities rate highly in terms of job performance and are an asset to the overall work environment. More Info for Employers

Tahoma Mural

Tahoma Associates Mural
Celebrated October 3, 2014
Artist Mindy Barker's mural beautifully captures the essence of the nearby spot where local Indian tribes and their shamans gathered on the Winter Solstice each December 21st to share in the magic and splendor of the sun rising over the top of Mt. Rainier. The plaque marking the exact place where these wise men assembled was a major creative factor in her design; bringing forth the culture, beliefs, and wisdom of both the indigenous and immigrant peoples who have come to call Tacoma their home.

As a part of the Tacoma Murals Project, Mindy's efforts have been funded by the Tacoma Arts Commission and the Neighborhood and Community Services Department of the City of Tacoma, in our city's commitment to public art and the resulting enrichment it brings to our community.

Neighborhood members gathered with Mindy to lend input as to the colorful past Tacoma's downtown hillside has known. She was able to assimilate a breadth of ideas, and using her own creative ways, harnessed those concepts into an affirmation of Tacoma, our people, our past and our future, with this positive, powerful, colorful mural.

Not only does this mural symbolize the sun over our mountain at the solstice, it pays homage to the powers that were called upon by the shamans- the mighty elk; it recognizes the cycle of life on this earth with its lunar clock; it gives tribute to the majesty of Mt. Rainier itself; and it declares the positivism of this place, Tacoma.

Search out our neighborhood's plaque, commemorating the teachings and wisdom, the love and acceptance earlier peoples bestowed upon Tacoma. Just as with this mural, the Prairie Line Trail takes its place in our history. This art represents the hopes and spirit that has blessed us here since our earliest days, with its symbolism, vibrancy, and optimism.
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A lifetime of support
Tahoma Associates takes pride in our availability to serve a person throughout their lifetime by offering Internship programs that begin with students who are making the transition from school to work, and continue with our Employment Programs for persons over the age of 21.
Helping seniors
For seniors over the age of 62, or those who find that work is not a viable path for them, we offer Community Access and assist people to stay active in their communities.
Whole-person approach
We believe in the “whole-person” approach. Understanding that each person has a home life of family and friends that they value, and personal interests to pursue. Tahoma aspires to incorporate those values and interests into each person’s program plan to the greatest degree possible, as we recognize that individualized services are the keystone to success.