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Whether completing a simple task or celebrating 10 years on the job, "work" reinforces an individual's belief in their own worth, competence, and acceptance in our society.  

Tahoma Associates strives to meet the needs of our Associates and to take an active part in their employment services. See our various work opportunities below.


Individual employment for associates with developmental disabilities

Individual Employment

Tahoma’s Associate’s Employment Specialists help job seekers find and retain employment.   Tahoma offers supports including, but not limited to on-the-job training, skill building, interviewing, job accommodations, placement, and follow-up visits.  The goal of this program is to match individuals with a job in the community that fits their interests and abilities while also meeting the demands of an employer. 


Crew Raking - Group Supported Employment Harbor Mobile Crew
Group Supported Employment

Groups of people report to various jobsites in the community, supervised by Tahoma’s staff.  Work training performed under contract includes litter pick-up, residential and business grounds maintenance.  Each participant in this program has an individualized service plan tailored for personal growth. 





Tahoma Workshop - Prevocational Training
Prevocational Training

Individuals in PreVoc programs perform packaging and assembly tasks for local industries within Tahoma’s Facility.  Our staff develop individualized goals with each Associate, addressing increases in productivity and wages, developing work related skills, and expanding social interactions.  Shop staff advocate for inclusion of workers in group and individualized placements in the community.


Portland Avenue Prevocational Training

Portland Avenue Community Center 

Portland Ave is a resource for our Associates as well as our local community. Tahoma staff and Associates cooperate with Metro Parks, World Vision, Washington State University, and other community partners to operate this facility.  

Associates volunteer by helping at the front desk, with meeting set-up, custodial work, and a multitude of other opportunities. Associates may also participate in community activities offered here including:  Sewing Class, Senior Meal Site, Tae Kwon Do, Family Night, Zumba, Billiards, Ping Pong and much, much, more. 


School to Work

The School to Work Program offers particpants the opportunity to get a jump start on developing a plan for life after school and assisting in making a seamless transition to adult services. Participants have the potential to exit the school year with a paid employment position and ongoing supports from Tahoma to successfully maintain employment.

Our Belief in Work

"Work affords us inward value and a meaningful role in our society"