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Bridging the Gap in Human Services

For Employers

A rewarding experience
Hiring an individual who has a developmental disability has been a rewarding experience for many employers.
Prescreened employees
Our Employment Specialists will pair a prescreened employee who has abilities and interests that match your business needs.
We'll consult with you about your business
Tahoma Associates provides consulting services to businesses who would like to hire one of our job seekers.


Benefits for Employers
Benefits for our Partner-Employers

Many of your current patrons and employees have family members who have developmental disabilities and appreciate companies that support these community members.  

Which means...

  • Companies that hire employees who have developmental disabilities often find they gain community recognition for their diverse workforce.

  • Agencies such as Tahoma Associates have a pool of pre-screened, pre-trained employees to choose from that have skills to meet most of your needs.

  • Tahoma Associates provides employee training as needed, so your own staff can attend to other tasks, such as customer service.

  • Tahoma Associates services are free to employers and employees. 

  • Ask Tahoma Associates about the Work Opportunity Tax Credit, a Federal tax credit incentive, when you hire a person who has a developmental disability.
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  • Excellent work ethic and attention to detail on job tasks
  • An attendance rate 5 times higher than the general workforce
  • A turnover rate approaching zero
  • Being employees who really just love their jobs

Northwest companies have reported that employees who have developmental disabilities rate highly in terms of job performance through...