Tahoma Associates

Bridging the Gap in Human Services

Our Mission

Group Supported EmploymentOur mission is to support local citizens challenged by intellectual and other developmental disabilities, to live, work and play in, and contribute to our community.  Through individualized training and supports, Tahoma programs offer a whole-person approach to planning and services, assisting people to achieve their own level of success and happiness.

Services are funded by Pierce County and DSHS/DDA. Fees are determined by DDA and DVR. Other funding is negotiated. The goal is to support the person to aspire to the highest level of independence and community participation feasible and desired.  Our hope is to assist our participants in realizing a life for their whole person, bridging the gaps in human services that may exist for them.


Our Values

  • Acceptance... Welcoming and including others as equals
  • Achievement... Pursuit of excellence... striving to be our best self, and reaching for our potential
  • Altruism... the selfless regard for the welfare of others
  • Dignity & Respect... Behavior that demonstrates recognition of each individual's inherent worth
  • Honesty... Genuine Truthfulness
  • Optimism... Confident Expectation of Positive Outcomes
  • Pragmatism... Conducting activities with a clear and simple focus on achieving the desired end


Our Beliefs

  • We are all individually unique social beings; the Golden Rule should guide us
  • We all share the same Common Human Needs for Sustaining Relationships... Worthwhile Roles...
  • Satisfying Ways to Spend Time... Physical Needs... and Territory...
  • In Whole Person Approaches - life is not a collection of pieces. It is the melding of all those things in our life; and those things missing.
  • Work is the glue that holds us together. Work is a concrete means for giving ourselves posititve feedback and personal worth.
  • Building upon personal Strengths in addresssing Needs. Utilizing existing skills, behaviors, capacities and resources in executing plans to meet personal development  objectives.


Tahoma Associates Board of Directors

  • Clint Smith
  • Robert Speicher
  • Nelwyn Brady
  • New Position
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Tahoma Associates is an Equal Opportunity Employer